Welcome to the University of Washington Panhellenic Association!


We are lucky to have 19 unique chapters at the University of Washington, each being a vital part of our Panhellenic Community and composed of strong, intelligent and kind-hearted women. These women have made a promise to promote honesty, respect, sisterhood and cooperation in every aspect of their daily lives, bettering themselves and the communities in which they frequent. In times of uncertainty, our members have embraced the challenges of tackling social injustices, navigating a global pandemic and adapting to an entirely new academic environment; all while offering unconditional support to one another. As Panhellenic women, we strive for excellence; encouraging, challenging and continuously inspiring each other.


The goal of our Panhellenic Association is to offer a safe, empowering and prosperous environment for the members of our community. My personal sorority experience has been crucial in shaping me into the woman I am today, providing me with endless opportunities for growth in service, leadership and scholarship. We create opportunities for the development of our members through programming, inter-chapter relations and interactions with the greater-university community and campus partners. I can confidently say that my experience is not unique, I believe every woman who seeks membership in our community will derive irreplaceable value and friendships along the way. 


The Panhellenic Executive Council is the leadership-body of the organization and is composed of 11 women from various chapters in the community. Each of these women sought out their position to serve the members in which we represent and promote the advancement of individual and chapter development. We look forward to eliciting change and provoking leadership in our community. I, along with the members of my Executive Team, cannot wait for you to join us! Go Dawgs!




Madi Welsh


University of Washington Panhellenic Association