On behalf of the Executive Board and Greek Community, I am very excited to welcome you to the University of Washington’s Panhellenic Association! My name is Paytan Murray, and I am honored to serve as the Panhellenic President for the 2022 term. Each of the 18 chapters at UW offer an inspirational, supportive, and empowering environment that undoubtedly enhances the experiences of our 2,500+ members. 


        While each chapter and each member of our association is unique, our core values reside in the emphasis of scholarship, service, friendship, inclusion, and social responsibility, linking us all together to form the exceptional community that is UW Panhellenic. We offer a supportive atmosphere that empowers incoming members to grow as individuals while they pursue their collegiate goals, both inside our association and out. 


        The University of Washington has an exceptional reputation and a large, sometimes overwhelming, campus culture. As we transition back into an in-person environment after two academic years online, it is critical to begin rebuilding our collaboration and community-building skills. Finding a place in Panhellenic is incredibly rewarding, as it grants members the opportunity to make UW feel smaller and more intimate, while simultaneously connecting with the myriad of strong, intelligent, and kind-hearted members present in all chapters. 


        My own sorority experience has been integral in shaping me into the person I am today, providing me with endless opportunities for growth in leadership skills, philanthropic service, and academic support. We create opportunities for the development of our members through relevant programming, inter-chapter relations, interactions with campus partners, and the greater university community. I can confidently say that my experience is not irregular, I believe every individual who seeks membership in one of our chapters, will derive irreplaceable value along the way. 


        The Panhellenic Executive Council is the leadership body of this organization and is composed of eleven individuals from a variety of our chapters. Each of these members sought out their position to serve the community, in which we represent and promote the advancement of individual and chapter development. We look forward to provoking change and fostering positivity, while always striving to encourage community betterment. I, along with the members of my Executive Board, cannot wait for you to join us, and always, Go Dawgs!


        Be the change you wish to see. 


With Devotion, 

        Paytan Murray (she/her)

          2022 President