Welcome to the University of Washington Panhellenic Association!


The Greek Community at the UW is much different than at any other university. All 20 chapters are made up of the most strong and passionate women. They’re academically driven, service oriented, and are bonded through a tie of sisterhood. In joining the Greek Community, I am surrounded by women who have encouraged me to grow every day, challenged me in ways I needed, and have inspired me to be the best version of myself. I hope that you find your home in this community, just as I have!


The Panhellenic Association aims to empower the women of our community. We provide opportunities to develop the character of our women through programming and positive interactions between our chapters and with our school community.


Our executive council is composed of eleven women that all offer a unique perspective into advancing individual and chapter development. Together, we’ve agreed on three major goals for 2019:

  1. Fostering Strong Relationships – Despite our letters, our community shares the same values. By developing stronger relationships among each chapter, we can empower women build new friendships and work together as a collective whole in times of urgency.

  2. Communication and Transparency – Women in our community deserve to always know what is going on and what decisions are being made for their benefit and safety. Committing to open and inclusive forms of communication will help those both in and out of our community understand what our values are and how we strive to live by them.

  3. Creating a Safe Community – Safety within our community is always at the forefront of our discussions.Feeling safe is the ultimate goal we strive to establish, so we can put our efforts into becoming the best versions of ourselves and exceed high standards that we set for ourselves.


We look forward to creating meaningful change in our community, and we can’t wait for you to join us on our journey! 



Sajal Sanan


University of Washington Panhellenic

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