Welcome to the University of Washington Panhellenic Association!


The Panhellenic Community at the University of Washington is comprised of 20 chapters, made up of courageous, ambitious, and generous young women. These women have made the commitment to better themselves, each other, and the world and communities of which they are a part. By joining this community, they said yes to scholarship, service, leadership, and sisterhood. They chose to take on challenges and real world problems, as well as the responsibility of learning from and teaching others. The Greek Community has provided me opportunities, experiences and friendships that have made me the woman I am today. As Panhellenic women, we encourage, challenge, and inspire each other, and we strive for excellence. 


The goal of the Panhellenic Association is to empower the women of our community. We create opportunities for the development of our women through programming and positive interactions between chapters and with our school community and campus partners. 


The Panhellenic Executive Council is made up of eleven women with different experiences, backgrounds and opinions that contribute to the advancement of individual and chapter development. We look forward to creating meaningful change and leadership in our community, and we can’t wait for you to join us! 



Genevieve Pritchard 


University of Washington Panhellenic Association

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