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Green Greeks

The Green Greek Representative Program at the University of Washington is a student-led organization (RSO) that offers the opportunity for students to earn credit for their work on creating a more sustainable Greek Life Community. Members of fraternities and sororities throughout the Greek System attend meetings where guest speakers present career opportunities before students break into their "Project Groups" to work on a specific sustainability focus. Their mission is to foster a collaborative environment dedicated to promoting sustainable action in the community through student-led consulting, leadership, and events. It shall be the purpose of this organization to implement sustainable solutions, educate members as well as the greater community, and connect students with professionals. This program is run entirely by students and aims to make the UW Greek Community a more sustainable place. Through impactful action and innovative strategies, the GGRP has become a national leader for the sustainability movement on college campuses. 

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Follow them on Instagram: @greengreekuw

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