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Sorority Membership

Sororities have been a part of UW Student life for upwards of 100 years. In 1903, the first two sororities were founded on campus followed by two more in 1904. Since then, the growth and progress of the sorority community at the University of Washington has only flourished. For over a century, women have joined together through sorority involvement to foster relationships among likeminded female thinkers, to better the community through philanthropic service, and to instill leadership and communication skills that will long outlast the time spent at UW.

Like any other organization, sorority membership requires commitment, however it is very common for sorority women to maintain jobs, sports, club memberships on campus, and a multitude of other extracurricular activities. Membership requirements vary among chapters but it is expected that sorority women participate in various chapter activities, meet financial obligations, and take on certain roles within the chapter.

For women interested in joining the sorority community at UW, there are various different options for gaining more insight into what membership will look like. In the spring we hold a Greek Preview event in which Potential New Members interact with sorority women in their respective chapters and tour the community that they may soon become a part of. For the Potential New Members that want to continue on and join the community, Formal Fall Recruitment takes place in September. For women that do not wish to participate in Formal Fall Recruitment, the Continuous Open Bidding process is a less formal way of joining a sorority in which participating chapters throughout the year holds various events. Please reach out to the UW Panhellenic Office with any questions or concerns about how the recruitment process works.

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