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Primary Recruitment 2020 will be all virtual!



Key Dates:

  • June 1st : Registration Opens

  • August 15th : Registration Closes 

  • September 11 - 18 : Primary Recruitment

Due to COVID-19, Primary Recruitment will be all virtual this fall. This means that recruitment will happen over Zoom. You will be able to participate in Primary Recruitment no matter where you are living this fall. You do not need to be coming to campus to go through recruitment. 


The registration fee for Primary Recruitment is $37. This covers Greek Bill (the platform that processes payments), Campus Director (the platform for registration and prioritizing), Recruitment Counselor Training, Scholarships, and Supplies. The fee will no longer increase on August 1st. If you already paid the original amount of $75, we are working on reimbursements.

For registration you will need your transcript and payment information for the $37 registration fee.

You will need to have all of your information ready upon registration, as you will not be able to edit your information and any incomplete registrations will not be saved automatically. We HIGHLY recommend typing up your responses to the writing prompts in a separate document and saving them in the event that your registration does not save.

*You no longer need to submit a video for registration!*


You can view the short writing prompts prior to beginning registration here:

Begin registration here:



If you have a housing contract through HFS and register for Primary Recruitment you will have the opportunity to cancel your housing contract by August 15. If you cancel before August 15, you will not lose your deposit or incur any fees, but only if you are registered for Primary Recruitment before you cancel. It is up to you to cancel your contract, it will not be cancelled automatically upon registration for Primary Recruitment. If you do not register for Primary Recruitment, cancelling your housing contract is not applicable.


Due to extraordinary circumstances, Panhellenic sororities collectively are not requiring any new members who join during Primary Recruitment 2020 to live in the chapter houses their first year as a member. This means that potential new members are free to register for primary recruitment and join one of our 18 participating chapters without committing to living in a sorority chapter house for this uncertain academic year.


Some chapters will have the ability to have some new members move in during the 2020-21 academic year. After a PNM accepts a bid at the conclusion of primary recruitment, she can then discuss this option with her sorority. Just because a sorority is offering spaces for new members does not mean they will have room for all new members. Each sorority will have their own process of determining how they will make decisions about which new members are able to live in if they are offering spaces.  


To reiterate, some houses will have space for new members to live in, however no new member will be required to move into the chapter house for the 2020-21 school year even if their chapter has the space for them. If you plan to be in Seattle for fall quarter, we are recommending keeping your contract with HFS and we are working with HFS on what cancellation will look like should a new member want to and have the option to move into their chapter house. This decision also gives you the opportunity to live at home for fall quarter if that is the best option for you.


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Questions about recruitment?

We are hosting live sessions bi-weekly! You will have access to these sessions based on when your orientation date is. For more information click here:

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