Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is a more informal style of Recruitment. We have this alternative recruitment process so that if a woman is interested in joining a sorority but was unable to/did not attend Formal Fall Recruitment, just transferred into UW, or if she would prefer a more relaxed recruitment setting, she may still have a chance to become a member of the Panhellenic Community.

COB takes place throughout the year, starting after Formal Fall Recruitment ends up until the end of spring quarter. Each chapter has their own unique informal recruitment style but most will consist of an informal meeting with one or two members to answer your questions about the chapter and also get to know a little more about you. They may also invite women to the chapter for dinner or a house tour or sisterhood event, all of which give the potential new member the opportunity to gain experience with other women in the chapter. Throughout the informal recruitment process, women may be extended an invitation to join one or multiple organizations. This invitation is called a "bid," and once signed, will indicate that a woman is now a New Member of that chapter.

Due to COVID-19 Continuous Open Bidding will take place in a modified format over Zoom. You can register for Fall 2020 Continuous Open Bidding HERE

Bids can be extended at any point during the year. However, it is important to note that only certain chapters are eligible to participate in this process. Chapters that are participating in Continuous Open Bidding Fall Quarter 2020:

Alpha Delta Pi

Niki Leshgold or (310)-490-3520

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Amanda Monahan or (206)-290-6902

Alpha Gamma Delta

Sarah Kahle or (650)-799-2660

Alpha Omicron Pi

Avery Karle or (425)-274-5252

Delta Gamma 

Mary-Mae Baker 

Delta Zeta 

Samantha Merrill

Kappa Delta

Claire Pickering or (206)-643-6183

Sigma Kappa

Delaney McCarthy or (818)-483-3325

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Carly Tsuruda or (360)-731-3273

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