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When becoming a member of our community, there are a few potential living situations you might encounter. Housing for each individual chapter will be highlighted in Primary Recruitment during the Membership round, or during the Continuous Open Bidding process if you attend a COB event for an individual chapter. 


The majority of our chapters have houses clustered just north of campus. If you join one of these chapters, this is likely where you will live during your time as a member. While most of our chapters are housed, a select few do not have this option and these members either live together in the residence halls (typically new members) or in smaller liveout houses scattered around the Greek community. This is a great opportunity for those who don’t prefer communal living or already have somewhere to stay. Regardless of where you live, the connections you’ll make in our community will last a lifetime. 


Amenities you’ll have access to regardless of location: twin XL bed, closet/dresser storage, desk/study space, bathrooms, laundry facilities, and meals. 

Key Terms To Know

Chapter house: A large home that serves as a communal living space for members of the chapter. There is often a live-in requirement of varying durations for chapters with houses (1-3 years). Chapter houses consist of many types of rooms, some of which may include a TV room, living space with seating, study area(s), laundry room, sleeping porches, day rooms and kitchen/eating area(s). 

Liveout: A house in the area where upperclassmen live, typically after moving out of the chapter house. An informal residence not associated with the chapter.

Sleeping porches (aka porch): A room full of bunk beds where approximately 10-40 members sleep (varies per chapter and room). Typically 24/7 dark and quiet so it’s perfect for napping and remaining undisturbed. If your bed is in a sleeping porch, you will have another room with space for clothes and an area to study. Not every chapter house will have these. 

Day rooms: Shared rooms in a chapter house that typically contain 1–8 members. These likely will have a closet, dresser, and desk. If the house doesn’t have a porch, these rooms will have bunk beds in them as well for members to sleep in.

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