Hi there! My name is Natalie Zimmer, and I designed and implemented this wellness project while getting my Masters in Public Health  and becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at the University of Washington. Having lived in a sorority during my undergraduate years at UW, I saw a great need for eating disorder prevention, general nutrition education, and the promotion of normal eating and body positivity. Entering college and joining a sorority is a high risk time for dieting, body dissatisfaction, and disordered eating behaviors to develop. I had my own personal struggles during this transition and now that I have made peace with my body and eating, I want to help others do the same! My hope is that this resource can help YOU redefine your relationship with food and body, cultivate self-compassion, and be a positive role model to those around you :) 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


Welcome to your resource to promote nutrition, health, and body positivity in your own life and within your chapter!

In a society so focused on thinness and dieting, there is a great need to redefine healthy and help women see every shape and size as beautiful.  This page is filled with various resources, handouts, and articles to test your own eating behaviors and attitudes, raise awareness about disordered eating and eating disorders, and to educate on normal eating and the importance of self-care.

For Nutrition and Wellness Chairs:

Please disseminate the handouts to your chapter members! Below are some ideas for how to share the resources with your chapter. Sharing one handout a month would be a good goal.


  • Post via group Facebook pages, Instagram, or other forms of social media/communication

  • Send out materials via email to entire chapter

  • Print and post around house common areas, i.e. bathroom stalls/mirrors, dining room, mailroom, etc.

  • Invite registered dietitians (list included under resources) to come speak to your chapter


There are no quick fixes to achieve the health you want. Thin does not mean beautiful. You are beautiful right now. Health is about nourishing your body. Focusing on the totality of the diet is key. No restriction. No diets. Everything can be eaten in moderation!


Created by Natalie Zimmer

Dietetic Intern & MPH Graduate Student