ROOTS x UW Greek Community

        We are excited to announce that both the IFC Director of Programming and the Panhellenic VP of Service & Philanthropy have been actively working with ROOTS Young Adult Shelter to foster a long-term partnership and collaboration between the organization and our community. The ROOTS Committee now has 55 passionate and motivated members, with 10 driven individuals on the Leadership Committee. It means a great deal to our community to have such a dedicated team to form what will be the first partnership of its kind in our Greek System, and with your help, we hope to get our community's involvement with ROOTS started and extended for many years to come! 


        Our vision and goal for this program are to allow members to interact with individuals and gain a first-hand experience of the very challenges our local community faces to emphasize, align, and engage our members with the core pillars of service & philanthropy. This initiative will include having tough conversations around privilege, the experience of homelessness, and oppression, driven by discussing, addressing, and breaking down social and economic barriers that hinder equality to benefit young adults struggling with homelessness. This program will challenge our members to look at how their social identities and positionalities impact how they perceive and interact with those experiencing homelessness. Not only that, but it will examine the causes and characteristics of homelessness and the tools for engaging these young adults.

Here are some of the values ROOTS upholds: 

  • We value each guest as an individual, without judgment or bias. 

  • We drive change by discussing, addressing, and breaking down social and economic barriers to equality for the benefit of young adults experiencing homelessness. 

  • We work as a cohesive, passionate team to provide the best services possible to guests and build partnerships with the larger community. 

  • We respect, honor and encourage the unique backgrounds of all individuals.


        ROOTS young adult shelter is not only an ambient safe haven for underprivileged individuals but a warm environment that symbolizes family. The connections, friendships, and alliances created in shelter are extraordinary bonds that last a lifetime and ultimately are the key to transformation. Everybody comes from different backgrounds, and everybody has different narratives, but at ROOTS there is a spot for you regardless of your story. This refuge is a crucial part of society that changes lives every single day. With your help, we can work together to continue to provide the support, encouragement, and resources needed for these young individuals to transform their lives.

        Through this initiative, we wish to realign and emphasize our community's core values of Service & Philanthropy and create a long-lasting relationship and tradition with the ROOTS organization to continue volunteering opportunities in our community for years to come. We have so many exciting plans for this program and hope that you will be a part of helping this happen! 



          Natassja Bartle & Preston Ball