Without further ado, here are the businesses we have partnered with for this event alongside a small description on what they’re all about and their respective links:

Estelita’s Library - A justice-focused bookstore & library

Lindo, who identifies as Central American Indio, and Estell, who is Black, set out with the goal of wanting their 8-month-old Afro-Latinx daughter, Estella, to be surrounded (and eventually, engaged) by books that reflect the experiences of people of color - “This is her library.” “I want people to find a book and come back here and say, ‘I want to talk with you about this book for two hours,’” Lindo says. “I don’t know if bookstores are profitable, but they bring community together.” Estelita’s Library is a curated community bookstore and Library with books focused on social justice, ethnic studies, and liberation movements. Estelita’s Library's goal is to have community book talks, classes, meetings, history lessons, and much more to strengthen and develop our collective analysis for justice. Estelita’s Library’s model is to build upon the traditional bookstore model and include community book lending. The space and books are open to everyone, at no charge.

Gift cards & online shop available at estelitaslibrary.com


Boon Boona Coffee - The bridge between African specialty coffee & you

In 2011, Efrem traveled to Asmara, Eritrea, and fell in love with the local coffee culture. The café experience there was unlike anything he'd seen back in Seattle. Returning home with newfound joy and excitement, Efrem set out to put his mark on the coffee industry. After his initial business plan to open an East African coffee shop was rejected by banks, Efrem didn't give up and instead pivoted to sourcing quality green coffee from Ethiopia for East African communities in the US. Soon, his family and friends discovered that they could purchase quality green coffee from him. And since drinking coffee in East African culture is something you often do with others rather than by yourself, word spread fast, and before long, his coffee was being distributed in stores across the West Coast. By 2016, following the requests of American friends who prefer roasted coffee, Efrem began experimenting with his own roasting techniques. This, too, took off, and Boon Boona Roastery and Café were born.

Gift cards & online shop available at boonboonacoffee.com


Sukie’s Candle Co. - Exotically scented premium soy wax candles

Seattle born and raised, and encouraged from a young age to explore the world, Sukie spent 4 years in Atlanta, GA, where she double majored in Sociology and Anthropology while also completing a minor in Public Health. Her interest in cultural anthropology and global health led her to study Western and traditional Brazilian health practices in Bahia, Brazil, while researching environmental justice issues in the local favelas. One year later, she moved to Mwanza, Tanzania, where she spent a summer evaluating a rural micro-finance program that brought reproductive and sexual health services to marginalized women and adolescent girls. After completing her Masters and settling in Los Angeles, she soon felt deeply called to channel her global travels' aromatic essence into high-quality candles. Sukie's relationship with and perception of candles has always been unique. Candles for her are a vehicle by which we can come to know deeper levels of relaxation, self-love, and sensuality.

Gift cards & online shop available at sukiescandleco.com

Ezell's Famous Chicken - Serving up chicken, sides, and more

Ezell's Famous Chicken is family-owned and operated, founded in Seattle 37 years ago, serving up chicken, sides, and more made fresh from scratch at each location. Started by one sister and two sets of brothers from East Texas, today founders Lewis Rudd, Darnell Rudd, and their sister Faye Stephens are still active in day-to-day operations, joined by an extended family of 300 employees. After waiting six years for initial funding, the family opened their first store on February 3, 1984, in Seattle's Central District. Since opening, Ezell's has made many famous friends, including Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, Quincy Jones, and the Seattle Seahawks, and has established a strong tradition of giving back to the community. Ezell's now counts 16 fast-casual locations; 14 Seattle-area restaurants, one in Spokane, Washington, and one in Tigard, Oregon.

Takeout, delivery (Doordash, Postsmates, Caviar, Grubhub, Seamless), & gift cards available at ezellschicken.com


Simply Soulful Cafe - Simple, full of flavor soul food and pies

It all started back in 1922 when Elizabeth Hammond was born in West Point, MS. She would eventually move to Spokane, WA, bringing the best Sweet Potato recipe in the world! Her simple yet mouth-watering recipe is so fresh tasting and flavorful, people hardly believe that there are only six simple ingredients. However, that is how "Mama" cooked; she was raised on the simple yet full of flavor diet that we refer to as "Soul Food." Elizabeth passed her sweet potato pie recipe to her daughter Barbara who decided that the indulgent taste of the recipe should be shared with all of you! "Mama" is pictured here.. aka Ms. LizNeedless to say, Barbara and her youngest daughter Lillian ventured on the recipe, together with their food services ideas and passions, and started "Simply Soulful Pies & Catering." Delightful pies and food that hold true to that simple, full of flavor soul food that you must try!

Takeout, delivery (Doordash, Postsmates, Caviar, Grubhub, Seamless), & gift cards available at www.simplysoulfulcafe.com


Plum Vegan Restaurants - Organic, sustainable, plant-based vegan dishes

Makini Howell’s restaurants honor the transformation that is occurring in the way we view food and our personal responsibility to our communities. She is a lifelong vegan who believes that what is good for the individual will be good for the planet and that this is nowhere more evident than in the diet we choose. Makini has been passionate about creating a beautiful and stylish dining experience for vegans, foodies, and omnivores since her days living in the Big Apple as a men’s denim designer. She has created Plum Restaurants to answer the need for complete, plant-based meals focused on organically-grown seasonal vegetables, non-GMO soy, and organic and local fruits and herbs from family-owned farms. Her cooking combines the familiar and surprising to delight diners with the best ingredients the earth provides.

Takeout, delivery (Doordash, Postsmates, Caviar, Grubhub, Uber Eats, Seamless), & gift cards available at plumbistro.com


Junebaby - Classic Southern fare made with heirloom ingredients (featured on Ugly Delicious on Netflix)

Junebaby draws from Chef Jordan's roots, who was raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, and whose family also has a history in Georgia, with a much deeper dive into the historical cuisine of the South. Junebaby focuses on indigenous ingredients to the southern parts of America and the techniques that they are rooted from. Junebaby also centers itself on the humble but powerful ingredients that shaped America's culinary history, such as corn, peas, rice, pork, squash, grains, and more. "It's like grandmother went to culinary school," he said alongside that "the food will tell the story of my family and ancestors." The menu includes smoked meats, long braises, offals, classic Southern dishes, and an incorporation of newly found heirloom ingredients. This restaurant and the ideas behind it are extremely dear to Jordan's heart. The restaurant's name has a history, too, as Jordan's father's childhood nickname.

Takeout, online shop (mixes, spice blends, bitters, jams, etc.) & gift cards available at junebabyseattle.com