Days 3&4 - Philanthropy Round
During this round you will talk to up to 12 sororities (you can see anywhere from 1 to 12 chapters, there is no normal or average amount) for 30 minutes over the span of two days. Each sorority will share with you a bit about their philanthropy, how they raise money or awareness for their cause and possibly how they are involved in other philanthropy activities within the community. You may watch a video or do an activity to learn more about their philanthropic organization. You can ask questions related to philanthropy or any part of the chapter.

Chapters will be wearing t-shirts again this round, and you will wear the t-shirt provided. Feel free to match this with any bottoms and shoes you feel comfortable in, but we recommend sneakers of some sort as you will be walking all around the community between events. Masks are required to be worn by PNMs and recruiters from this round on.