By Jill Leszynski
This summer I am most excited for Watershed, a country music festival down at the Gorge. I went last year and it was the best weekend ever. This year it is my best friend’s birthday while we are there so it is going to be her celebration and we are going to have a ton of fun. I love the outdoors and outdoorsy things, especially camping. This music festival is so cool cause everyone sets up camp and sleeps in tents a little off site of the stage and where the artists perform. All of the tents are all lined up and you run into so many people you know and all can have fun together. My favorite artist Blake Shelton is performing this year as a headliner. Last year when Luke Bryan performed, me and my friends went down into the “pit” right near the stage and it was insane! I want to do that again for Blake Shelton because it is a really awesome experience to be so close up.

I am working all summer as a CNA and a waitress so this will be a really nice break from the real world!


Caroline Bridgewater


Top 3 Memories:

1.       Dawg Saturdays tailgating or sailgating with friends and enjoying coffee and brunch trips on Sundays after game days

2.       Participating in undergraduate research in an oncology laboratory and speaking at my first national research conference

3.       Visiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN and meeting the amazing patients and physicians that we were able to help through our fundraising efforts at Tri Delta


My advice to the Member Class of 2018: When I was a freshman I was worried about finding my “place” at a large university like UW. I truly found my family in this house, and not because I changed to fit some mold of who a Tri Delta is supposed to be, but because the goal of this community is to empower you to grow into whoever you are. In my opinion, the legacy of Tri Delta comes down to 2 things: growth and support. Having the support system of your Tri Delta sisters will allow you to make the most of your time in college. Know that whatever risk you take, whether it’s a competitive job, a hard 400 level class, leading a student organization, or even trying out for a sport, be assured that you will always have your sisters to celebrate the highs and to weather the possible lows that are bound to happen in college. From this position of strength, allow yourself to grow into an individual that you are proud of. In this way, you can carry on the legacy set by those before you, ultimately supporting and helping your sisters to grow into who they are. You’ll be so happy when after four fast years, you look back and can say you made the most out of your time here made this community better (I’m confident you’ll make some incredibly fun memories along the way). Though we are no longer in the house, I know I speak for all the seniors when I say we love this place and will always be rooting for you!



As a College student fresh out of high school, the thought of joining a house with 100+ girls was terrifying to me. I was social and outgoing in high school, but coming to such a big school, I felt like the tiniest fish in a gigantic sea. What I grew to realize is that even though it seems overwhelming living with so many girls, joining the greek community helped me find my place in this massive school. Those 100+ girls morphed into my best friends and I would not have been able to find these people had a not joined a sorority and found “my group” of people. I made my best friends through joining greek life and it has shaped my college experience. I have found people I share hobbies with, classes with, and just enjoy to be around. I learned that as terrifying as it is stepping into a new environment, I cannot express how life-changing it was for me. If I had not opened up and allowed myself to take this scary jump, I would not have the friends that I do now. The transition from knowing everybody in high school to starting over is hard regardless of what route you take. However, I know now that by choosing to join a sorority I gave myself the opportunities of making immediate friends that I would not have been able to find otherwise, and in such a short amount of time. It is so worth joining a sorority and being able to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Sororities do amazing things and are made of amazing young women and being able to be a part of that legacy is something I am proud of.



It is easy to feel restricted to your specific house when you join the Greek System. You move into a house with 100 other girls— living with them, eating with them, doing homework with them. You feel as though your life revolves around these particular 100 girls and sometimes forget to look outside your bubble and see that there is a whole community of girls around you that you have not even given the time of day. That was me freshman fall quarter. I had just moved into the house, and was desperate to fit in and make friends. I did that eventually, but I found comfort only with the people in my house and did not try to look elsewhere to find friends. I stayed in my bubble and comfort zone and just spent my time with other Tri Delts. If I had a class alone, I would sit by myself. If I had a class with a Tri Delt though, I would sit with them. I felt comfortable around my other sorority members but not around sorority members of other houses. It wasn’t until freshman year winter quarter that I made the bold move to try and advance my friendships outside of my own house.

I had a environmental health class in the health sciences building during my winter quarter in 2017, and it was such a drag to walk there and back every day. It was a lonely, long walk and I did it alone each time. I would enter and sit in the back of the room by myself and quickly get out the back door as soon as the bell rang. However, one day I was sitting down and saw a girl two rows in front of me who I had noticed from a picture my old friend from high school had posted. This girl’s name was Setereh, and I had never actually met her in person but I had heard a little about her from my high school friend. I had only heard good things and she seemed really great so I decided to say her name to try and get her attention. When I did she turned around and I introduced myself and told her how I knew her. She vaguely had heard of me too so it made it a lot easier to talk to each other because of our mutual friend. From that day forward we sat together in class everyday and became really close over that quarter. It turned out that she was also in my chemistry class at the time so we were able to sit next to each other in that too. We walked to class together each day and began to grow this awesome friendship that I never would have had if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and tried to make a new friend.

Setereh and I are still close, even though we do not talk everyday like we did that quarter. However, I gained a great friend that I will have forever and just because she isn’t a Tri Delt does not mean that we cannot be great friends. I know that there are great girls all throughout the greek community, and by meeting Setereh it has given me the opportunity to not only get to know her but also to get introduced to her other friends and the girls of her sorority. We went on a Fraternity Formal together last spring quarter and all of her friends came with. I got to hang out with all of them and get to know the people in her life.

We also had the opportunity to meet another girl in our Chemistry class together, her name was Katie. Katie was also from a different sorority and the three of us met by just sitting down in chemistry together and introducing ourselves. Me and Setereh already knew each other from our other class but Katie was new to both of us. The three of us had signed up for the same quiz section and so over the course of the quarter we became so close. We hung out before classes and spent all quiz section laughing and talking together (we probably should have been focusing on our worksheets a little more :) ). It was really an awesome experience to be able to meet two amazing people from different houses and be able to click with them so easily. By being able to hear all of their stories and me being able to tell mine, it was cool to see what was going on in other houses and their lives. Although I love all my sorority sisters so much, being able to branch out of my house and find girls in other houses just shows that a house does not define the friendships you can have. I love Setereh and Katie just as much as any of my friends in my house and they made my freshmen year better. Because of them, I feel more comfortable on campus and outside of my sorority house, and have also made two more friends for life. Katie and Setereh made me pushing myself out of my comfort zone so worth it.


Being surrounded by a hundred girls at all times, it is not easy to hide from people, and thus your obligations. I am constantly in the presence of my friends and sisters, which, in its own way, is a good source of motivation to get my tasks and homework done. Seeing the dedication my sisters have to getting their work done and doing well at UW inspires me to do the same. In addition to this, so many girls in my house have the same classes as I do and the willingness of everyone to help each other out is so beneficial to my learning. One of my best friends is a year older and she has the same major as me. Since I am a year behind her in everything, she is always there to answer my questions like which chemistry equation to use and the difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

I never feel alone when facing my difficulties in my classes and it makes going through college a much more enjoyable experience.

        Every night after dinner there is always a “squad” of girls going to Paccar to do homework. Whenever I want to go to the library, there are always girls who want me to tag along. This motivates me to get out of my room, where the temptation of my bed lies, and get to the library. Although I feel like I am swamped and barely have air to breathe sometimes, these girls in my life have made college such a more pleasant experience because I get to go through it with them. I don’t feel alone in my educational experience, and they provide me not only with support but relief from how stressful school is sometimes. They give me a balanced lifestyle here at UW, and I can rely on them for homework help like I mentioned above, or I can rely on them for knowing when I need a coffee and shopping break. Without the friends I have met through Tri Delta, my college experience here at UW would have been very different. I am very fortunate to have it the way I do and I appreciate all of the help my sorority sisters constantly bring me. With two and a half years to go, I can’t wait to see how these Tri Delta ladies will influence me in my growth as a student and person, and help me strive to achieve my goals.


My name is Jill Leszynski and I am a Tri-Delt here at UW. I am a sophomore and a, pursuing a major in Public Health to then hopefully move on to PA school. With my science heavy course load, most of my free time is occupied with school work, but I still try to find time to do fun things, most of the them with my sorority sisters. Whether it be group gym time, or Starbucks runs, its nice to get a break from my studies and enjoy time with my friends. I do try to put-forth my best efforts when it comes to my education because this University will bring me success later on if I take advantage of its resources and appreciate its education. I am excited for the next three years here to not only further my education but continue to build bonds with my friends and transform into a better version of myself. That ties in with my New Years Resolution. This year I was elected into a position in my house, and in this New Year I am really excited to take on this role and not only perform the tasks it entails but also be a member of the leadership team. I want to be a role model for the rest of my sorority girls, through my work ethic in school, kind-heartedness toward my sisters around me, and being passionate about everything I commit to. I have a great feeling about this new year and hope that through the leadership that I have been given I can use it in a positive way that not only makes me a better person and leader, but effects the lives of my sorority sisters. Hopefully I can lead by example and fulfill what I am striving to accomplish in this New Year. I feel more determined now than ever to push myself to grow and develop into a stronger, smarter, nicer version of myself.