The Sisterhood Fund was established by the 2018 Panhellenic Executive Board to foster a sense of sisterhood across all 20 chapters in our unique community. Sisterhood Chairs can apply HERE for a Panhellenic Sisterhood Event with any other UW Panhellenic chapter, and Panhellenic will reimburse their activities! Below are some of our recommendations:

Social Exchange Ideas

  1. Attend a sporting event (especially women’s)

  2. Roller skate at IMA on Friday nights (free) 

  3. Board game nights 

  4. Study slam 

  5. Holiday cookie decorating 

  6. Pumpkin carving/painting 

  7. Work out class

  8. DIY game day clothing 

  9. Movie night 

  10. Spa Night 

Special Topics Exchange

  1. Cross-cultural film viewing 

  2. Learn dance style or folk dance

  3. Make food from another culture

  4. Host a special topic speaker

  5. Gratitude activity  

  6. Mindfulness activity 

  7. Learn about healthy eating habits

  8. Learn healthy food recipes 

Service Exchange

  1. Host a food drive together 

  2. Have a feed together and donate proceeds

  3. Serve at a local charity 

  4. Buddy up for a green greeks clean up 

  5. Volunteer at each others local philanthropy

  6. Coordinate a clothing drive together 

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