Drew Vagen

My top 3 moments from college at the University of Washington:


1.      Finding My Major: When I first came to college I thought that I wanted to study computer science. I had done it in high school and thought it was super cool and figured I could just study it in college. Boy was I wrong. I essentially failed my first computer science class here at UW, and after that I had a really hard time finding things I was interested in. Classes were really hard and the competitive major system that we have makes it difficult to find something to study. I eventually came across Oceanography and immediately loved it. I had always loved the ocean and the beach so this became my perfect fit. I actually looked forward to all of my classes and found a department that was awesome and shared the same interests as me! This set me up for an amazing time at UW studying what I love

2.      Senior Year: By far the best year of college has been Senior Year. I’m not sure if it counts as a “moment” from college, but it’s been so amazing I had to include it. There was definitely a different vibe coming into senior year, kind of like I was the queen of everything. Not in a literal sense, but it seemed like I had done it all and knew everything I needed to about college. I didn’t feel the need to worry so much about small stuff, and the build up to graduation went so fast. Something about being a senior made everything more fun. I really enjoyed my “last” everything, like the last Dawg Saturday, the last initiation of new members, and the last spring quarter.

3.      Beating Stanford Last Year At Home: Last year, we played Stanford at home. It was a big game, one that counted towards our eventual win of the PAC-12 Championship and our national title run. I really think one of the best things about UW is how much school spirit we have, especially for football games. Dawg Saturdays are by far the best days of the year, and I loved spending it with everyone in the Greek Community. That Stanford game was definitely the best game I’ve ever been to. The crowd was unimaginable and the electricity in the air was insane. We killed it that game, even against Stanford’s incredible Christian McCaffrey. The school spirit and excitedness of that game is something I will never forget.

Advice to incoming freshman:

1.      If you are struggling to find a major, do not worry. Think of something that you love or are passionate about, and find out what you can do to get there. I loved the ocean, and it led me to studying Oceanography. The worst thing you can do is be stuck studying something you hate because it’s a “good” major. You should spend your time here doing something you are passionate about.

2.      Start getting job/internship experience early, the sooner the better. More experience early on will help you in the hunt later. I really encourage everyone to reach out to their teachers to see if there’s any volunteering or work you could do in their lab/research center/other programs. I got some great experience working with one of my teachers that led to an incredible internship opportunity last summer.


Growing up, both of my older siblings were a part of the Greek communities on their campuses. After seeing the lifelong friendships they had made, I couldn't imagine my college experience being any other way. I craved the friendships and connections that joining a chapter would offer me. I decided to go Greek so that I would always have the support and happiness that comes from being around so many amazing women. When sisters constantly surround you, it makes it so easy to be the best version of yourself.

In my time at Phi Mu, I have grown immensely as a woman. I quickly figured out that each one of my sisters has something to offer and there is so much that I can learn from them. Thinking back to the person I was before I joined my chapter, I was completely different. I have become much more confident, independent, and outgoing. I owe this to my sisters who inspire me every day to be the best person that I can be. The most important things that I have learned from being in a sorority are to embrace the changes that college brings you and to always see the value in what each person brings to the table.      


One reason why I have loved my Greek experience so much is because of all of the wonderful women I have met, both in and out of my chapter. One Panhellenic woman that I have become great friends with is Nicole! Nicole and I met through our work as barista’s at Muddy Waters. We had the pleasure of waking up bright and early every weekend morning and spending several hours together while making coffee for our customers. Nicole and I bonded not just over our redbull addiction and love for caffeine, but through our hobbies and love for our chapter and the Greek community. Nicole has held executive positions and has been actively involved in her chapter and she exudes every positive trait that I associate with what it means to be an exemplary sorority woman.

               Being a part of such an inclusive community has led me to meet tons of women with similar interests, education paths, and career aspirations. Nicole and I have shared tons of laughs and have developed an amazing friendship that I am very grateful for! Although she no longer works with me, Nicole and I still have a strong bond and I am always excited when I see her waiting in line for her favorite drink—blackberry redbull with lemonade! Sisterhood can be shared through more than just the women who wear your letters. Women like Nicole exemplify how being a sorority woman allows you opportunities to meet and connect with empowered, strong, amazing leaders who aspire to support one another in academic success and further promote the ideals of sisterhood that our community strongly encourages!


While being a member of Phi Mu, my sisters have continuously encouraged and empowered me to be an excellent student here at the University of Washington. When I first joined my chapter, I was completely undecided as to what I wanted to study, let alone what I wanted to do once I graduate. Being surrounded by a group of women who are very academically driven and studious has continuously helped me grow into my academic field and ultimately helped me in deciding what career path I wanted to follow.

My decision to study communications was made my sophomore year of college after I took an introductory course with several of my sisters. The introductory course was very fun to take and I was happy to finally find an area of study that interested me. I also decided to join the Foster’s Sales Certificate program thanks to one of my sisters Madeline, who encouraged me to challenge myself as I prepared for senior year.

Being in a sorority like Phi Mu has without a doubt been my greatest motivation for being a successful student. I am so proud to be a part of a chapter that provides numerous resources for our members including scholarships, helpful study tips, an extremely helpful academic committee, study groups, and most importantly extreme support during the toughest parts of the school year. Without my chapter, my collegiate experience would have been very difficult in regards to academics. My sisters have given me endless support throughout my time here at UW. They have helped (and often encouraged) me to study and they have celebrated my successes whether it be from a great test score or getting finally accepted into my major. Surrounding myself by these amazing women has truly benefitted me in ways that I would have never imagined. Their hard work, dedication, perseverance, and unlimited support has made me a proud soon-to-be graduate, but an even more proud member of Phi Mu.



Hey there, my name is Alexis and I am a proud member of Phi Mu Eta Beta here at the University of Washington. I am a current senior studying communications and pursuing my sales certification through the Foster’s School of Business. I enjoy spending my time with family and friends, hiking, and watching football! When my sorority asked me to write for the Panhellenic Blog I was very excited not just because I love my sorority and our Greek community, but also because I have always loved to write. I am beyond proud to represent my chapter and share a little bit about my experience as not only a sorority woman, but as a collegiate member at such a prestigious university.

Now that it is 2018, I have several New Year’s resolutions that I am going to try my best to achieve! The first is in regards to academics. Because I am graduating, I really want to end my college experience strong so I am hoping to be on Dean’s List both Winter and Spring quarter! Socially, one of my main New Year’s resolutions is to participate as much as possible in social and philanthropic events around the Greek Community since this is my last year to do so! I hope that by achieving these two resolutions I will be able to make the most of my senior year!