By Tayler Hoftel 

Hey everyone!


Summer is almost here and I’m so excited to be finished with homework, classes and studying for a few months. I love the summertime for the sunshine, but I also love the amount of free time available to pick up a new hobby, spend time with friends and family, or work a new job.  This summer I’m super excited to start a new internship. I’ve been interning for the past year at City of Bellevue Utilities, but in a few weeks I’ll be moving on to Honeywell Aerospace as an Engineering Intern! Although I’m sad to say goodbye to Bellevue, I’m eager to start exploring new areas of engineering at Honeywell. I love how internships give you the ability to test out different possible careers to see what you like best, and I really hope I fall in love with the work I’ll be doing at Honeywell! Good luck to everyone on finals and I hope you all enjoy the summer!



Hi everyone! My name is Kate, and I am taking over this month’s blog post. As a graduating senior, I’m excited to reflect on some of my favorite memories at UW!


Favorite Moments at UW

1.      Beating Stanford

Having never been into sports, I did not expect UW football to be such a defining part of my college experience. I went to the first game my freshmen year, and I have been to every home game since. There’s something about the energy of the crowd that makes me feel so proud to be a Husky. UW may be a big school, but it sure is easy to feel a sense of community cheering on the Huskies with everyone else in the stadium. Two years ago our team had a particularly good run of it. I remember being at the Stanford game feeling so excited for our team. When we won, the student section rushed the field. Now when people ask me why I love UW, that night is the first thing that comes to my mind.

2.      Dawg Daze

Dawg Daze is a week before school starts in the fall dedicated to getting incoming students oriented, excited, and involved. I was so nervous as an incoming freshman, and I remember feeling really overwhelmed during Dawg Daze. I was meeting so many people and doing so many things all the time. Looking back, Dawg Daze is where I met most of my closest friends. I didn’t know it at the time, but those acquaintances I went to the movie in the quad or the first football game with, would also become the people that I would get lunch with, be homesick with, laugh with, travel with, and live with. It feels like serendipity that the very same friends I had my first college memories with, I will share my last college memories with, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

3.      Attending National Convention

Last year I served as the president of Phi Sigma Rho, and as such, I had the opportunity to represent my chapter at our National Convention in St. Louis. I was lucky enough to travel there with one of my closest friends from the chapter and meet so many amazing women from all over the country. Attending the convention made me realize just how big of a network and support system Phi Sigma Rho really is. There are thousands of women across the country who hold the same values that my chapter does. Since the convention, I have connected with many women from other chapters to discuss leadership, engineering, or other topics. The convention made me so grateful for my sisterhood and left me feeling inspired and motivated to give my chapter my all.



I’ll leave you with some final words of advice for an incoming freshman.

1.      Find your Husky pride. Go to the football games, or get involved in ASUW, or get into research. Whatever it is that makes you feel like you have a community here, do it.

2.      Give it your all during your first few weeks. Yes, they are exhausting. That is okay. But make an effort to meet people and make UW your home.

3.      Get involved. Whether it is in a Greek Organization, a club, a lab, or a project, find something to dedicate your time to besides your studies. This will help you find balance.


Good luck! Go dawgs!



Being in a sorority wasn’t something I had “dreamed” about when I was in high school or even before that like some girls. I honestly never even gave it much thought until I started school at UW. I never thought that I would have the time to balance school, work, and a sorority all at once, which is why I didn’t go the traditional route with it.


I found Phi Rho in the first few weeks of my freshman year and after constant pushing from my roommate, I decided to check it out and see if it would be a good fit for me. I wanted to meet lifelong friends in college and create memories, and I thought this would be the perfect fit for me. Looking back, I am so glad I decided to take dive into joining my sorority.


I chose to Go Greek with Phi Sigma Rho because the girls in it exemplified dedication, integrity and kindness. I was inspired by hearing their stories of success in the classroom, in their careers and their success in finding happiness together through such a busy time in their lives. Throughout the past few years, I have loved hearing about my sisters getting their dream job and literally breaking the glass ceiling as women engineers. I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m really serious when I say that this sorority has inspired me to dream bigger when it comes to what I can accomplish in school and in a career. And being in Phi Rho has given me all the tools and resources to do so.


As a sorority for engineers, people tend to assume that academics is our only focus. I’m not going to lie, it is a big part of it, but I’ve learned so much and gained so much beyond just academics. I’ve learned so much about leadership by having two years on our exec board. That’s something I wasn’t sure I would do when I first joined the sorority. I love making a difference and being in the position to implement changes for my sisters. I love being there for them in a leadership capacity and as a friend. I’ve learned how to be patient and more understanding. At a school where everyone is from different walks of life and has different experiences, I find this to be so important. And becoming close with so many people that are wonderfully unique, has made my experiences in a sorority and just at college in general, so great.


The greatest thing I’ve learned and got to experience is newfound friendship. I’ve never made such close friends in such a short amount of time. My sisters are the people I hope stay in my life forever. I really encourage any girl that’s uncertain about Greek life to just give it a shot. It’s really hard to put into words exactly how great it will be because all of us have different experiences, but I can guarantee it’s something you’ll love once you’re here!




Hey all!

My name is Lien and I will be taking over this month’s blog post! I’ve never really done this before; however, when I heard that friendships beyond chapters was going to be the topic, I felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to thank some very influential souls who have touched my life. So, here are the lessons I’ve learned from just a few of them:



An energetic ball of light! I met Paula in an engineering summer program prior to our freshman year at the university, and honestly I’m not sure what our first interaction was (probably doing calculus problem sets in Loew, I assume!). Since that summer program we have created a relationship built upon the basis of laughter, joy, and kindheartedness.  From boba tea to WiSE planning and GAD’s, Paula is someone who has helped me see further how important it is to see a person for who they are, based on the love that comes from their heart. Thank you for reminding me about the beauty that comes from within and for all your positive and energetic love!



On the first day of my Early Fall Start class, I was so nervous about being in a new environment. But that all went away when Samantha smiled at me as I entered the classroom. Since her willingness to talk to me we have been sharing old stories and laughing over new ones! Even though we don’t see each other as much anymore, Samantha exposed to me the reality of what it’s like to have to work for everything you own, a life experience I’m privileged enough to not have to think about as often. She reminds me that everyday is a new day you can make and that the past is something to keep as a reminder of your identity and a motivation for who you will become. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for all I have and inspiring me to work hard to create the future.



Oh what a brilliant leader! An activist within the political world, Haley is exactly what I see when I think about a powerful and prominent woman of the future. One of my first few friends in the dorms, Haley was always someone who could hype me up about anything I was lacking courage for! She always motivated me to go outside my boundaries and to try something new. Even though we don’t talk as much, our conversations always pickup as if we saw each other just yesterday!  Thank you for being my hype woman and for always inspiring to have fun and take chances.



Moving from across the country didn’t sink in until attending my new school, and I felt so lost. Middle school was a rough time for me, and I really do remember that Cameron was one of the few people who tried to make me feel welcomed. One thing that did make me always feel at ease, however, was music. And Cameron was definitely a ray of sunshine that gave me joy in the choir room every morning and at theater rehearsals late night during Dead Week. I’m forever thankful for her uplifting spirit! Cameron also helps me to further understand the genuine struggles of those who do not look like me and are not of the same culture as I.  She’s the definition of passion and power, and everyday I aspire to have the open mind she has. Thank you, Cameron, for teaching me about the beauty and significance of diversity, and what it means to be an all-inclusive soul. (Also, for teaching me how to ball this quarter! J)



A woman of many talents, Michelle has always shocked me with her dedication to going to working out everyday! For her, it’s what keeps her sane! When she told me this, she made me realize that everyday is going to be tough especially at this point of our lives. However, everyone can push through it all so long as you take some time everyday to do something that, for even a split second, can make you feel like there are no worries in the world. Michelle is the reason I decided to workout more often for my own sanity, and since then the grind hasn’t stopped! Thank you Michelle for reminding me the importance of one’s own physical health.



Speaking of physical health, this woman inspires me about the importance of another aspect of wellbeing: mental health.  Juliana is a friend whom I noticed always seemed so cheerful. A kind heart, it was crazy to me when one day on social media I began to read her poetic words about the importance your own mental health. I’ve never felt so connected to a social media post before! The past few years have not been great one’s for me emotionally, and it’s hard when you struggle everyday with problems that only time and dedication towards loving yourself can heal. It’s Juliana, however, that made me feel from a distance that I am not in a permanent place, and that what happens in life can be changed so long as you are confident in yourself. Thank you, Juliana, for shaping the more mentally healthy and joyful me; I am forever grateful for your wisdom.



These are just a few of the many women of Panhellenic who have made an impact on me, and I’m filled with so much gratitude knowing that there are so many more! It’s women like the ones that I have met that helped shaped my new perception of what it’s like to be apart of a sisterhood, a sisterhood beyond Greek letters and houses. Thank you to all the women of Panhellenic for being the beautiful women you are, and I can’t wait to meet more sisters in the future J.


~Lien White~




While being a member of Phi Mu, my sisters have continuously encouraged and empowered me to be an excellent student here at the University of Washington. When I first joined my chapter, I was completely undecided as to what I wanted to study, let alone what I wanted to do once I graduate. Being surrounded by a group of women who are very academically driven and studious has continuously helped me grow into my academic field and ultimately helped me in deciding what career path I wanted to follow.My decision to study communications was made my sophomore year of college after I took an introductory course with several of my sisters. The introductory course was very fun to take and I was happy to finally find an area of study that interested me.  also decided to join the Foster’s Sales Certificate program thanks to one of my sisters Madeline, who encouraged me to challenge myself as I prepared for senior year.

Being in a sorority like Phi Mu has without a doubt been my greatest motivation for being a successful student. I am so proud to be a part of a chapter that provides numerous resources for our members including scholarships, helpful study tips, an extremely helpful academic committee, study groups, and most importantly extreme support during the toughest parts of the school year. Without my chapter, my collegiate experience would have been very difficult in regards to academics. My sisters have given me endless support throughout my time here at UW. They have helped (and often encouraged) me to study and they have celebrated my successes whether it be from a great test score or getting finally accepted into my major. Surrounding myself by these amazing women has truly benefitted me in ways that I would have never imagined. Their hard work, dedication, perseverance, and unlimited support has made me a proud soon-to-be graduate, but an even more proud member of Phi Mu.


This is new to me because I’ve never actually put thought into it before. After the holiday season, I always tell myself I need to stop spending so much money! But this year I’m making it a resolution so that maybe I’ll stick to it a bit better. This is always hard for me though because I always find myself spending money on going out with friends. However, I’m making a valiant effort to find cheaper ways to socialize this year!


A more important resolution this year is for me to find a better balance with school and myself. I always get so caught up with school and work that I never have time to just enjoy myself and where I am at in life. I’m so blessed to go to such a wonderful school and have the opportunity to get an outstanding education, but I think there’s more to life than just spending my entire day studying or doing homework. I want to find a balance between having fun and learning so that I’m making the most out of the time I have left here. In the back of my head I always hear “You’re paying for your education so that should be your priority”, but there has to be a way to excel in school without sacrificing so much of your own time and happiness. I strive to find that this year.


The final thing I want to accomplish in 2018 isn’t exactly a personal resolution, but something to bring more positivity into my life. I want to end each day on a positive note and write down the good things that happen in each day, regardless if I have had a “bad day”. I think it is important to recognize that just because you haven’t had a day full of happiness does not mean that you haven’t had happiness in that day. By the end of 2018 I should have an entire list of things that brought me happiness throughout the year to look back on. I really think that would be such a valuable thing to have and I am looking forward to starting it!


Cheers to everyone! I hope we all can have a prosperous and blissful 2018!