That wonderful time of year is here! Summer brings many things: friends, sun, adventure, work... on that note, this summer I will be working three jobs. To be determined if I will survive. At the end of summer I also have the awesome opportunity to go to South Africa to study abroad. With all of this on my mind, studying for finals has been overwhelming to say the least.


While I am thoroughly amused by my own schedule and the thought of me actually handling it, I would love to give a shoutout to my sisters that are also doing amazing things. From internships at the Pacific Science Center, working as "biological technicians", studying abroad, volunteering at Seattle Children's and so much more, these women are doing everything.


Summer will also be a time to reconnect with old friends and family. I know this is true for me to say the least, and likely many other women in my chapter. I find that reconnecting with my loved ones from home is the best form of self-care, and I intend to do just that. For me personally, I am hoping to go to the Oregon coast for my biannual family reunion, where I always make the happiest of memories. This is a crucial part of summer that cannot go unsaid! I encourage anyone reading this to do what makes them happy or feel at home while given the extra time; prioritize yourself and your needs.


Sophomore year for me has been quite the rollercoaster. I am thankful for how far I've come, and how far my sisters are going as well. This summer marks my halfway mark of UW, yet it still seems I have a long ways to go before I fully accept becoming an "adult".


Chi Omega and I send the love to you all, and wish the happiest of summers yet! Explore, learn, grow. Take this time to do what YOU need to do.


Payton Locknane

You know how people older than you have the list? The list of stories they cycle through to tell when there's a lull in the conversation? I often wonder what will be on mine, since my grandparents' and parents' stories mainly pull from their college days. There's so many moments we aren't able to recall unless someone reminds us of them, or even when someone does remind us we can't place the memory. Particularly living in a sorority, probably some of the top favorite memories are the random shenanigans that were never planned. Movie nights in the lounge with DVDs we found in a drawer somewhere, half-volume karaoke parties in someone's room because it's quiet hours, or especially those surprisingly deep conversations you have with people in the kitchen at 1 AMthat you'd barely known before that. The other times were part of my short-lived experience as a D1 athlete on the rowing team as a freshman. Finding a way to make grilled cheese in the common area of a north campus dorm, jumping in the lake after practice, or making some lifelong friends through hours of grueling workouts. And finally, a main source of my best memories have been when I've pushed my boundaries. When I studied abroad in Ireland I didn't go with a program and was completely on my own, when I ran in the ASUW elections I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning, and when I was a part of the first ever UGC/Panhellenic sisterhood exchange I had no way of knowing if it would ever matter to anyone besides those involved.

Going to UW has given me the chance to explore passions I never really knew mattered to me, to meet people that make me question what I'm about and affirm what I believe. The advice I would give any new member coming into the Greek Community is REACH OUT. Our school has so much to offer you if you are willing to explore. You will never regret testing something out or meeting someone new as much as you'll regret wishing you had. That girl in your chapter, or particularly not in your chapter, you think you have nothing in common with, make a connection and ask her to elaborate about her day. You guys really don't get along? That's fine! You are never going to be good friends with everyone in your chapter, in fact there may only be one or two you feel really close with. But the point isn't to find the most people, it's to find YOUR people. Do what you love, love what you do, and be so grateful for the ones you find who will cheer you on.



Coming out of high school is a surreal feeling of growing up, goodbyes, and new beginnings. For whatever is on the forefront of a graduate’s future, whether that be college, work, or simply moving onto the next adventure, we all search for that community where we can connect and make an impact on those around us.

After a seemingly endless summer of spontaneity, exploring with my best friends (that I still call my best friends to this day), and overwhelming feelings of love from those around me, it was hard to not be nervous for UW. College could mean leaving those moments, people, and memories behind. I was not going to let that happen.

I decided to go Greek when I saw the opportunity to make even more memories and relationships like those I had the summer I graduated. Also, the amazing things Greek life has done philanthropically and within the community connected to my passion of service. On top of this, I could say I had something that I never had before college, which were sisters. (I didn’t even have siblings for that matter). These reasons and so many more told me that Greek life was the best bet to have a fulfilling college experience, and I was ready.

Throughout recruitment, I witnessed the natural bond that these women had in chapters all throughout the Greek community. The wonderful things that had been accomplished as a team was something I had dreamed of. This only increased my fire for wanting to be a part of something bigger. Chi Omega had seen something in me, and I saw myself with them. I was set on my journey.

Over that past year and a half of being a part of the chapter and attending the University of Washington, I have learned so much. Primarily, I have learned time and time again that I have along ways to go and that I truly know nothing (the more I see, the less I know). However, some things were certain. Here is a fun list of me attempting to explain what I believe is certain:

Firstly, Greek life has fostered my growth within academics and career, and this has made me certain that I will be prepared for my future and so much more. I look up to those around me and in my chapter alone I have so many role models I can go to.

Secondly, I have learned that Greek life is so much more than just your chapter. It is a community of support and action together. I am so glad to have the privilege to know so many other wonderful women and men at the university through this bond.

Thirdly, Greek life is meant for us to grow as individuals, BUT even more importantly a constant reminder of looking for what you can give back to those around you and the world. I want to make a positive difference in other’s lives and I will keep striving to do so.

Lastly- not to say these are the only four things I have learned in my time here- I know that I have made lifelong relationships in the span of a year and have never felt more inspired by those who were surrounding me. The women in Chi Omega have astonished me left and right, all while keeping a smile on my face. (Thanks, guys.)

These things I have learned from Greek life have all become reasoning for me being a part of it. No community is perfect, but I know for a fact the people I am surrounded by have the values and strengths to truly make a difference in my life and in the world beyond college. I am truly grateful for what going Greek has brought me and my companions. Most of all, Go Dawgs, Go Greek.



Reflecting on my time at the University of Washington, my experience has been shaped by much more than just the women I live with in my own chapter, my experience has been influenced by women of other chapters as well. These relationships I have built through campus activities, academics, work, stepping out of my comfort zone, and many other unique ways have impacted my life for the better.

This past summer I met an exciting group of friends from other chapters when we were all living in and still near the University of Washington. I have discovered that living in the same environment naturally bonds people, and despite us all coming from different letters I felt as if we were connected over something new. We shared so many fun memories from seeing the Mariners play (in the nosebleeds, best seats of them all), getting to float down a river (I can’t swim so this was very difficult), going to the beach time after time, to simply playing basketball in our own backyard, the truly made my summer memorable. One of the pals I was lucky enough to befriend last summer was Kendra!

Kendra and I stayed buddies throughout the school year but did not have the chance to hang out a lot. We would casually run into each other and always say how we needed to catch up, and then both reminisce on what we were feeling nostalgic about. One day, the girls in my house and I were about to go to our IMA basketball game when we realized we were short a girl to play. Long story short, we did not want to forfeit, and I got thinking: “Why don’t I just ask Kendra to play on Granny Shots with us?” (Yes, our team name is Granny Shots.) I hit her up with an hour to spare, and she was there being a baller with us. Another friend of mine from another chapter Lien tagged along as well! We ended up winning the game, and Kendra has played with us since

It is such a privilege to have wonderful friendships with just as excellent women in other sororities on this campus! It is the little things like that moment Kendra and Lien came and helped our team that make a difference from friends honestly. I am grateful to have pals outside of Chi O in other chapters and elsewhere on campus, because it makes the University of Washington that much more special of a place. I’ve let go of a lot of fear to meet new people and am ready to embrace any new friends. Who knows, they could be your next teammate!


Woo! Happy Month of the Scholar! As the studious UW students we are we recognize that academics reign supreme in all areas. Within Chi Omega we are proud to have a diverse and well-rounded group of women majoring in different areas. This is ranging from business, industrial engineering, nursing, public health, to so much more. The women in my chapter inspire me not because of their general success in their classes and work, but because of their individual efforts and pride to work hard and be as ambitious as possible alongside supporting each other equally. 


Chi Omega has allowed me to develop academically to levels I did not expect. However, this is not done simply by us working together in classes and teaching one another material (though that does come in handy). In Chi Omega, the foundation of respect and admiration for what you choose to do is ultimately what has empowered me these past two years. Acceptance, support, motivation, and unconditional love were all aspects of making my academic career as successful as it has been. I can easily say I would not be where I am today in the University of Washington without my sisters, and I thank them endlessly for that. 


The University of Washington loves their motto, "Be Boundless". While this has evolved into a lovely meme that every UW student knows and loves, I would like to argue that it is a true pillar of my college experience. The opportunities provided for me through my chapter and the ambition of my sisters is truly consistent with our college's motto. Seeing girls success stories from going on internships over seas, getting cast in the next hit show, to landing their dream job always gives me the inspiration that as a Chi Omega we are more than capable of making a change in the world. (These girls are unstoppable, I swear!)


My college experience would be a lot less vibrantly colorful, beautifully chaotic, and insanely driven without my sisters in Chi Omega. They provide me the help I need when I am desperate to the moments where I am laughing to tears in the moment. Being around a group of ambitious girls is contagious, and I dig that more than anything. In the words of someone very wise I once knew, Go Dawgs and Go Chi O! #BeBoundless


My name is Cameron Tarzaban and I am a proud, tired, and very grateful student at the University of Washington. I am a member of Chi Omega (Alpha chapter) and also the recently elected Panhellenic Delegate (woot-woot). This being my second year attending UW, I am in the midst of applying to the Jackson School of International Studies with crossed fingers. Applying requires my focus and high hopes, and a lot of tea.

For my major I am learning Arabic- I refrain from calling this a requirement since I love it so much. I’m hoping that by majoring in international studies I can go to law school or get my master’s in public policy, yet this seems light years away to me at this point. Either way, I am so excited for what awaits this year!

More about me: I am from Renton, Washington and attended Kentridge High School- go chargers, am I right? High school is where my passion for leadership, the arts, service, and diversity flourished. I tended to spread myself too thin from doing ASB, theater, basketball, choir, National Honor Society, multi-cultural club, fashion club, link crew, and the list goes on. Some things don’t change, as far as spreading oneself too thin goes. Within my time at the UW thus far I have remained involved with leadership by being a part of UW Leaders, am presently a member of Model United Nations, also am currently assistant teaching drama classes to children with special needs, and am a current member of the Elections Admissions Committee. Also, I work at your local trusted Chipotle Mexican Grill on the Ave. I guess I enjoy being a busy bee? Regardless, I am so privileged to be a part of so many amazing organizations and love the opportunities college and education in general have brought me.

All formalities aside, I also somehow have time for my own quirky hobbies and whatnot. I am your classic music junkie who spends all of their Chipotle work money on their next concert. I listen to almost everything, but I have an affinity towards classic rock and 90s RnB. My all-time favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, though they do not truly fit into either of those genres previously listed. I love singing, playing guitar, and listening to all music. I also am your classic movie junkie, a couple of my favorite movies including Almost Famous and Donnie Darko (my inner angst has been revealed, I know). I also love reading science fiction; I am just starting the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. Mostly, I love spending time with the ones I love as basic as that sounds. Life is beautiful, life is good!

Finally, my resolutions for 2018 are fairly simple. I am going to reinvest my time in my own mental health and also showing love to the ones around me. Having experienced some loss this past year, I have been reminded that I truly care about ensuring that I show love with no remorse. Our loved ones are what we truly have, and at the end of the day is what matters. So I am going into 2018 with confidence and positive thinking, I hope the same for you reading and the world! Happy New Year, much love!