Chapters on Status

As per the transparency bylaw revision passed this past Wednesday (3/3/21), below is the number of chapters not in good standing with Panhellenic.


Chapters Not in Good Standing 

Probationary Status: 4


Probationary Status Verbiage :

[CHAPTER] will be on a Probationary Period for 1 quarter after the Greek Community Social Moratorium is lifted:

  • [CHAPTER] cannot host or attend community events involving alcohol. This includes going to or hosting any social event as defined in Washington State Law (ie. GADs, formals, exchanges, etc).

  • [CHAPTER] may attend panhellenic sponsored events, but may not participate. This includes Greek Awards, Greek Preview, Month of the Scholar. [CHAPTER] would be ineligible for any chapter awards. 

  • This sanction and the duration of it will be re-evaluated by the Panhellenic VP Standards & Accountability when the Social Moratorium is lifted