Senior Spotlight: What are your top three favorite moments of college at the University of Washington? What advice would you have for the incoming freshman (Member Class '18)?



What are you most excited for this summer? 



Why did you decide to join a sorority and the Greek Community? What have you learned from being apart of your chapter?

How has a Panhellenic woman in another chapter enhanced your Greek experience?

This could be anyone from a classmate, coworker, RC, or someone you may have met during recruitment, to someone you may have met during your chapter's co-sisterhood exchange.

MAR 2018

FEB 2018

In honor of National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)'s "Month of the Scholar", In what ways does your sorority empower you to learn and grow in your academic field at UW? How has this impacted and shaped your college experience? 

In the first prompt we asked our chapter bloggers to introduce themselves, describe their hobbies and passions, and depict their interests in terms of academics at the University of Washington. 

Along with introductions, we also encouraged our bloggers to share their upcoming 2018 New Years Resolutions.

JAN 2018