2/13 Judicial Process Action Plan

All chapters will be dealt with according to the National Panhellenic Conference Judicial Process. 


For chapters that have been referred to the Panhellenic VPSA with evidence of members in attendance at the gathering, an Infraction Notice and Violation Report have been filed with the Panhellenic President and the NPC Area Advisor. These chapters will attend Mediation or a Judicial Board Hearing. Outcomes of these hearings could include, but are not limited to, educational programming, accountability meetings with members of chapter leadership and Panhellenic Executive Council members, agreements to refer individuals to Student Code of Conduct by chapters or hold members accountable internally, Probation, or Suspension.


For chapters that have been referred to the Panhellenic VPSA but have no visual evidence of members in attendance at the gathering, chapter presidents have been notified of the referral and will be having an Informal Discussion with the Panhellenic VPSA, as per the first step of the NPC Judicial Process. Chapter presidents will be asked to discuss their internal accountability process, COVID programming, and plans to hold their members accountable. Chapter presidents will be asked to provide evidence of their steps to hold their individual members accountable via their internal accountability process to the Panhellenic VPSA. If an agreement cannot be reached between Panhellenic and the chapter, a Violation Report and Infraction Notice will be filed and sent to the relevant parties and the chapter and Panhellenic will proceed to Mediation to come to an agreement.


In an effort to provide equity in the Judicial Process, all chapters implicated in the gathering Saturday 2/13 will be dealt with according to the response outlined above. Individual Sanctions or Outcomes for chapters may vary in accordance to what type of resources the chapter needs to be compliant with Panhellenic, Local, and State laws. The Sanctions of Probation and Suspension will be the same for all chapters on that status. 


Probationary Status :

[CHAPTER] will be on a Probationary Period for [1-3] quarter after the Greek Community Social Moratorium is lifted:

  • [CHAPTER] cannot host or attend community events involving alcohol. This includes going to or hosting any social event as defined in Washington State Law (ie. GADs, formals, exchanges, etc).

  • [CHAPTER] may attend panhellenic sponsored events, but not participate. This includes Greek Awards, Greek Preview, Month of the Scholar. [CHAPTER] would be ineligible for any chapter awards. 

  • This sanction and the duration of it will be re-evaluated by the Panhellenic VP Standards & Accountability when the Social Moratorium is lifted.

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